Thursday, August 16, 2007

Memo: Nude Blogging Policy


The Board of Directors at Blader Industries, Inc. has deliberated and approved my proposal that all blogging by staff conducted on Mondays be performed while tastefully attired In The Nude.

I encourage all Blader Industries, Inc. staff members to follow that link to acquaint themselves with the philosophy and aims of the program.

This directive applies also to staff members en route to chautauqua on Mondays. If you are blogging while in transit, please be sure to do so in the nude.

Please file this memo in your personal directory under: Authoritative and Compulsory. This is applicable to all Blader Industry, Inc. employees in all wholly owned and independent subsidiaries of our conglomerate, including those in the horizontally and vertically integrated corporate subsectors.

This directive most especially applies to those of you working outside my office in the Executive Suite secretarial pool at One Blader Plaza.

If there are any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please make an appointment to see me. As usual, I will continue to follow my non-discriminatory policy of meeting only with female employees on Mondays and only with male employees on Tuesdays.


Bug_girl said...

Thanks for sharing this. We may adopt a similar policy at my workplace.

Do you have any specific disciplinary guidelines for employees that fail to comply?
And, are any employees exempt? (I have a couple in my office in mind that I'd be ok with non-compliance.)

Blader said...

Great questions!!

Our only rule on exemption is 'Anybody with a tatoo is NOT exempt'. Confidentially, that's something I managed to throw in there, a bit of a fetish, I suppose.

Otherwise, we delegate compliance issues to department heads.

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