Monday, October 23, 2006

PLAYBONOBO, our newest print media play

Colleagues, I'm pleasured almost to the point of flatulance to announce Blader Industries, Inc's., newest foray into the media sector. Playbonobo comes on the heals of our successful rollout of Bladerpalooza, and seeks to achieve certain synergies and economies of scale in the media sector that are only possible through print. What is PLAYBONOBO? PLAYBONOBO is entertainment for primates.

I got the idea the other night while watching The Girls Next Door, you know, the episode where Kendra visited her mother's condo complex with Hef and the other girls. At the same time, because unlike bonobos I can multitask, I was reading about some Blader Industries, Inc., sponsored research indicating women are 'turned on' by bonobo porn.

Well, it didn't take me long to put two and two together and voila! PLAYBONOBO was born! Our target market is men who 'bring home the bacon' who can use PLAYBONOBO as a tool to help make their women more receptive and thereby enhance their copulatory and evolutionary potential. Our crack team of sales associates is looking to find shelf space in stores that sell bacon, and our chosen marketing jingo for the campaign will be, "Why don't you bring something else home she would like along with that slab of bacon."

It has not escaped our notice that a secondary market niche for PLAYBONOBO will be primate research colonies throughout the world. We're actually looking to create in-kind synergies and economies of scale and what not with such enterprises. For example, in turn for a complementary subscription to PLAYBONOBO, we'd ask primate research facilities for permission to exploit their research results for commercial gain, etc and so forth. Stuff like that.

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