Thursday, August 24, 2006

I've Changed My Mind

I think Ann Coulter takes herself seriously.

I used to think that after one of her college performances she'd go backstage and say to anybody within earshot, "can you believe how those idiots out there are buying this crap I'm shoveling? I'm a performer, and yet they've taking me seriously. What a hoot!"

And then I'd imagined she'd have a big guffaw, light up a cigarette and take a big hit off a brewski while she rubbed the check for her $25K speaking fee up and down her crotch a few times so it can pick up the scent while saying, "Yeah, baby! In God we effing trust, you betcha!"

But I don't believe that anymore, at all.

Now I think she really believes in what she is saying.

People are weird in that way sometimes.

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