Tuesday, October 24, 2006

JDerion 'Chatter' Elevated-Threat Imminent

I've just received a disturbing package from one of our operatives who had been tracking JDerion. He had spotted him in Belarus but we haven't heard from him since that communique and we fear the worst, so we've gone ahead and cut the operative and his family off our generous medical plan. But I digress.

Our crack team of analysts have had a chance to review the contents of the most recent package and have rendered the following summary:

"Mr. JDerion is using the medium of interpretive dance to call for a global jihad. Please pass the mashed potatoes."

There you have it, colleagues. This man is truly a menace. As a result, the Homeland Security subsidiary of Blader Industries, Inc., feels compelled to raise the threat warning to 'Medium Rare' and urges great caution, vigilance, and a gentle reminder to vote a Straight Republican ticket in November. For the sake of God, let's not elect any more homo's to congress!!!

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