Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Intromission Lost

Further evidence that points to the diabolic nature of evolution: Now the Darwinists would have you believe that it is possible to evolve a penis only to lose it.


This is EXACTLY like the lame actor who stands in the closet doorway and says, "Now I'm in the room." Before stepping back and saying, "Now I'm out." And on and on and on.

You don't just throw away perfectly designed and useful organs, especially sexual organs, for no good reason.

And besides, do you understand what this new 'theory' predicts? It predicts that men could just spontaneously lose their penis's. What is more shocking, our women would NOT care about it one way or the other!!!

These ideas completely strain credulity.

Do they bother with any 'alternative' theories? Like the possibility that the animals that actually lost their penis's chose to go onto a soybean rich diet and might have 'lost' their penis because they were turning gay?

Not at all. The only theory they can come up with is that male species lose their penis's because of evolution.

Well, as much as I feel this work can be discredited in so many ways, at the same time, I cannot imagine a greater threat to our industry sector, not to mention the future reproductive viability of our species, should these ideas take hold.

Therefore, I'm pleased to announce that Blader Industries, Inc. is donating $1million to the Copulation Market Sector Political Action Committee to underwrite several activities under the general umbrella of the newly formed "Save Our Penis's Campaign."

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