Monday, January 12, 2009

How'd we do? 24 Plot Prognostication: 8a-10a

It pleases me to the brink of flatulence to report our prognostication was spot-on in many respects, including one key plot element....there actually WAS a boat in this episode and one of the key brutal but humanely necessary torture scenes in the televised plot occurred on or near a boat!!!

Following a brisk swim up from the Caribbean sea, an exhausted Jack Bauer beached himself somewhere on the Chesapeake bay shore, where he was arrested by federal agents. After showering and shaving, the 8a-10a episode began with Jack confessing crimes against humanity before a congressional committee, rather than parachuting out over the ocean from a supersonic transcontinental helicopter. But, really, are the two activities much different?

We were slightly off in our prediction on the role played by Angus McGyver. But, we earn credit because he was in the program. Did you guys notice who Angus McGyver disguised himself as? Yep! He was Joker Schlecter's big huge bodyguard--the one who had his arm broken by Jack's lovely FBI escort, the striking red headed agent, Jacqueline Bower, played by actress Renee Walker--just before he was put out of his misery and killed by a Chechnyan sniper cleverly named 'Tanner', shooting from a roof across the street.

Furthermore, as we predicted, Condi Rice played a crucial role in the episode. What we admittedly missed badly is that she first appeared in the war room as a newly petulant-if not a bit uppity-transgendered and skin-lightened Secretary of State. What we appeared to have missed is not predicting very well the profound effect the hormones would have on her work product and ability to serve President Taylor with timely memo's and position statements. She's become quite the slacker as a man, eh?!

We slightly missed on predicting the ending. We approached the 10am hour not with Jack Bauer hiding underwater for hours somewhere in the desolate Carribean ocean, but instead after having captured his BFF, the undeadTony Almeida, who has obviously been assimilated against his wishes into a Chechyan rebel terrorist cell/borg.

I'll hurry and get up tonight's 10:00 to noon plot prognostication for you guys, just as soon as I finish flossing my teeth.

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