Thursday, October 04, 2007

Paul robbed by Paul campaign worker raising $5million for campaign

Colleagues- As the new election season is upon us, I've taken to spending a little time following the goings on.

The remarkable Dr. Rep. Ron Paul is running an interesting campaign.

His is a grassroots populist program that is supported by the sort of eager, energetic and forward thinking worker with a 'can do it' personality that we value highly here at Blader Industries, Inc.

The Dr. Rep. Ron Paul campaign has just announced a milestone $5million has been raised in Q3 to support the campaign of this apparent visionary. This figure is all the more remarkable because they plan to raise the estimated $500 million it will take to get him elected without resorting to taking contributions from corporate interests or their lobbyists.

The latter is placing pressures on their workers to find innovative ways to come up with the vast sum of money it will take to make him our next leader. There are unconfirmed reports that they've raided lemonade stands over the summer, and have snuck into the bedrooms of elementary school children to steal their piggy banks.

The only confirmed irregularity so far is this image of Dr. Rep. Ron Paul being held up at gunpoint during a recent press conference, by a masked man wearing a Paul for President'08 campaign tee shirt, who demanded he empty his pockets and hand over all the money in his wallet, "for the good of the Ron Paul for President campaign."

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